Principal Consultant

Ale'ta Turner

A Florida native with a love for summer. Aleta discovered her talent for event planning through hands-on experience in the nonprofit sector and first-hand as a bridesmaid. Aleta has a public relations background and Event Management & Design Certificate.

Proven Events Manager

Professionally planning special events for six years — from weddings in Jacksonville and Orlando (ranging from 50 to 130 guests), two conferences (more than 300 participants), several statewide career fairs to intimate gatherings. In the nonprofit sector with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, Ale'ta coordinated the orientation and reception for 170 Duval County public school teachers.

Recognized as 2016 Florida Black Pages Top 20 Under 40 Honoree. Appearances include Jax Engage with Angela Spears on 94.7FM, Pure Radio 103.7FM's The Real Room and Conversations with Denise. 

What drives Aleta's work ethic? A love for what she commits to. 

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Finance Manager

Glenn "Allan" Turner

Allan was raised in Florida. He witnessed a true love story through his aunt and uncle's marriage of more than 30 years as high school sweethearts. In our marriage, Ale'ta and Allan support one another's dreams and goals.

Allan often supports as a day-of coordinator assistant for our special events and weddings. Appearances include Jax Engage with Angela Spears on 94.7FM.

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July 2018 — Bully Prevention Event and Personal Story featured in The Florida Times-Union

December 2017 — Guest Blogger, Ale’ta Turner on Rising Tide Society

August 2017 — Jax Engage with Angela Spears

October 2016 — "Jarring News" featured in Jacksonville Magazine

Aleta and Allan featured in Jacksonville Magazine October 2016 issue

Our first event, Fall in Love: DIY Terrarium Workshop was featured on page 34.