Open Letter to Engaged and Covenant Couples

Focusing on Fellowship in 2019


This is an open letter to express the heart of Ale’ta and Allan, two covenant partners operating as an event planning business. shares: “As the U.S. marriage rate has declined, divorce rates have increased among older Americans. In 2015, for every 1,000 married adults ages 50 and older, 10 had divorced – up from five in 1990. Among those ages 65 and older, the divorce rate roughly tripled since 1990. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2017, the median age at first marriage had reached its highest point on record: 29.5 years for men and 27.4 years for women.”

That’s why we exist. To share the importance of covenant, love and fellowship through weddings and special events. It’s the very heart of our existence.

We vow. Yes, vow to bring you more fellowship opportunities and special events in 2019.

We invite engaged and covenant couples located in Jacksonville and beyond to join our exclusive newsletter here! We will share upcoming special events in 2019 and products to foster growth and purpose for your marriage.

We are currently planning for greatness and you are on our minds and hearts.

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5 Planning and Vacation Resources for Your Next Girls Trip

Don’t you love spending time with your girls? Those are the moments when you can let your hair down, have giggle fits and talk about what’s on your mind. You and your girls may not have a fancy name like Flossy Posse! I am positive each of you bring wittiness, charm and wisdom that uplift one another.

There is always an element of surprise and entertainment during infamous girls trips! Let’s be honest, planning a girls trip that appeals to everyone can be a daunting task. Not everyone wants to party like a rock star, channel their inner adventurous side or embrace creativity through artistic expression. What’s a girl to do?

The options are endless unless you narrow down your girls trip with a theme. For example, if your girls are interested in traveling abroad consider choosing a country and activities that celebrate their traditions and customs. Your theme will also drive the types of culinary cuisine, night life activities and cultural events you all may enjoy together! Choosing a “traveling abroad” theme does not mean that you have to leave the country either.

Another example, “McGrapths Airlines” was the theme for an Orlando, Florida destination wedding and reception the Aleta and Allan team had the opportunity to serve as wedding coordinators. Our team assisted the couple with guest management by sending e-newsletters that matched their boarding pass invitations. Also, we developed event signage for the cocktail hour that complimented the overall theme.

The next time you poll your girls for your next girls trip take advantage of the following five useful planning and vacation resources.

1.     Family Vacation Auction (Florida Residents Only)

2.     LivingSocial

3.     Groupon

4.     VRBO – Home Away Family

5.     Airbnb

We have personally used Family Vacation Auction and Airbnb in the past for pleasure and business trips. Family Vacation Auction is simple and easy to use. It’s ideal for individuals and families, who are seeking hotel accommodations, tourist attractions and activities across Florida. For a business trip earlier this year, we opted for Airbnb for a nice condo in the Orlando area. With every recommendation, we highly suggest that you check customer reviews before investing your money.

Looking for an event planner for your upcoming social or birthday celebration? Aleta and Allan can partner with you to secure your amazing vendors, venues, caterers and entertainment! Contact us today by calling (904) 242-6961 or email

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year!


As you begin to contemplate what goals you desire to accomplish in 2017, don't forget all that you did in 2016.

The ups. Downs. In betweens. 

As we reflect on our "first year of business" journey, we celebrate lessons learned, successes and even setbacks too.

Let's face it. Storms happen and hurricanes happen too. Our first event, Love Never Fails in partnership with Valerie's Boutique was cancelled on account of Hurricane Matthew sweeping Florida. It's now rescheduled for February 18, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and we can't wait to have inspiring conversations about self-love and what covenant means.

It's comes natural to share successes... featured in two publications, recognized as an influential young professional and furthering education to sharpen skills. Those are the highlights we are truly thankful for.

This year, we challenge you to have one resolution. Just one! It's simple.

Make every day count.

We are committed to evolving and learning to better serve our clients and community. Email info (@) to discuss how we can collaborate with you to celebrate all that you hope to accomplish this year.

XO - We are off to making every day count.