Hold on Love, Lust is Calling debuts in September

We are excited to announce that Ale’ta has penned an urban novella, Hold on Love, Lust is Calling! The urban novella will be released in September 2019 on Amazon! You are encouraged to read an excerpt by clicking here.

Hold on Love Book Cover_Aleta Turner 3D


When temptation comes knocking, do you open the door willingly? Some stand on the other side, not too far away peering through a peephole. Others greet temptation with a smile and warm embrace.

Meet Riley Mackay. She knows the good book yet she cherry picks which commandments to obey. Riley’s learning how to “love thyself first” and begin anew after discovering an ugly truth about a longtime lover.

Meet Hanif Calhoun, a southern gentleman with charisma. He is the master of “stick and move.” After years of promiscuity, Hanif finds that winning the wrestling match with temptation is hard. 

With lust calling and love on the line, both Riley and Hanif struggle to let go of their past.

Hold on Love, Lust is Calling causes readers to reflect on how to overcome temptations waiting to tear down relationships and the family foundation. It is our hope that readers choose love and forgiveness first to overcome challenges in their relationship or marriage.