5 Planning and Vacation Resources for Your Next Girls Trip

Don’t you love spending time with your girls? Those are the moments when you can let your hair down, have giggle fits and talk about what’s on your mind. You and your girls may not have a fancy name like Flossy Posse! I am positive each of you bring wittiness, charm and wisdom that uplift one another.

There is always an element of surprise and entertainment during infamous girls trips! Let’s be honest, planning a girls trip that appeals to everyone can be a daunting task. Not everyone wants to party like a rock star, channel their inner adventurous side or embrace creativity through artistic expression. What’s a girl to do?

The options are endless unless you narrow down your girls trip with a theme. For example, if your girls are interested in traveling abroad consider choosing a country and activities that celebrate their traditions and customs. Your theme will also drive the types of culinary cuisine, night life activities and cultural events you all may enjoy together! Choosing a “traveling abroad” theme does not mean that you have to leave the country either.

Another example, “McGrapths Airlines” was the theme for an Orlando, Florida destination wedding and reception the Aleta and Allan team had the opportunity to serve as wedding coordinators. Our team assisted the couple with guest management by sending e-newsletters that matched their boarding pass invitations. Also, we developed event signage for the cocktail hour that complimented the overall theme.

The next time you poll your girls for your next girls trip take advantage of the following five useful planning and vacation resources.

1.     Family Vacation Auction (Florida Residents Only)

2.     LivingSocial

3.     Groupon

4.     VRBO – Home Away Family

5.     Airbnb

We have personally used Family Vacation Auction and Airbnb in the past for pleasure and business trips. Family Vacation Auction is simple and easy to use. It’s ideal for individuals and families, who are seeking hotel accommodations, tourist attractions and activities across Florida. For a business trip earlier this year, we opted for Airbnb for a nice condo in the Orlando area. With every recommendation, we highly suggest that you check customer reviews before investing your money.

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