$10 or less DIY wine glass bottle centerpieces

Do you love DIY projects?

Ale'ta assisted a good friend with their bridal shower in September by making DIY wine bottle centerpieces. Overall, this budget-friendly DIY project was right around $10. You can create timeless centerpieces for your special events and gathering by using creativity and household items. As the fall festivities approach us, give our simple DIY wine glass centerpieces a try! 

DIY Wine Glass Centerpieces_Aleta and Allan Wedding and Special Events.jpg

DIY Project

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Supplies you will need:

  • (8) wine glass bottles ($8 — Dollar Tree) 
  • (2) White or red grape juice ($2 - Dollar Tree)
  • Mod Podge glue ($1 - Dollar Tree) 
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Monogram letters / labels (DIY)

It's important to note, Ale'ta saved money by printing at home and using Mod Podge already in her home supplies.

DIY Project Steps (10-15 minutes max.)

  1. Create and print your monogram letters or labels.
    1. You can create a simple square-shaped letter monogram by creating a table of 2 columns and 4 rows in Microsoft Word with borders on all four sides. Choose a font that you love that fits your theme.
    2. Or your can choose to create your own free monogram here using initials and different designs. Note: you will still need to use Microsoft Word for printing purposes and can choose to create a table without borders on all four sides.
  2. Use your scissors to nicely cut your monogram letters or labels.
  3. Find yourself a clean working space to pour the grape juice equally in the wine glass bottles. With two white grape juices, you should be able to pour juice to the halfway point of each wine glass. Remember to place the cork back in each wine glass bottle once you are done! 
  4. Take your paint brush and squeeze a nickel size of Mod Podge onto it.
  5. Using your paint brush try to evenly coat the back side of your monogram letters or labels.
  6. Stick the monogram letters or labels on the desired area for each wine glass. 

What's great about using Mod Podge? It's washable so you can reuse the wine glasses for other purposes in the future. Mod Podge will also dry clear.

Simple ways you can repurpose your wine glass bottles:

  • Store olive oil or other kitchen cooking necessities
  • Store vinegar and oil for salads/greens
  • Candy dispensers
  • Flower vases
  • Candles

There you have it! DIY wine glass bottle centerpieces in under 15 minutes for your special dinner or event. Let us know if you gave this project a try— you can tag us on Instagram or Facebook