Three Signs You Should Not Book an Event Space

Selecting a venue for your special event is a task that should not be taken lightly. The customer service experience you receive before spending your hard earned money is key. It is important to interact with staff, go on tours and review testimonials.

Getting to know the venue's staff and having a tour of the space with key decision-makers on the planning committee should be a priority. And carefully reading contracts in their entirety is another priority. You're better safe than sorry when you do!

Here are three signs you should not book an event space:

  1. Customer service is non-existent. For example, the venue's staff doesn't take the time or opportunity to get to know you. 
  2. The venue's staff doesn't clearly communicate about the company's services, history or accommodations. 
  3. You have a scheduled tour appointment with a venue yet the areas you are interested in viewing are restricted from the tour.

Your experience working with an event venue company starts from the first time you send an email to the follow up call you receive after meeting in-person. Everyone has their share of good and bad venue tours. You simply live and learn to tour another event space!

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