Anniversary Gifts 101

Not sure what to get couples celebrating an upcoming wedding anniversary? Look no further. Choosing an anniversary gift is easier when you look to the largest greeting card production company, Hallmark. 

Hallmark staff have comprised traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year. It's a great resource for friends and family looking to give unique tokens of love. Personally, I have taken the advice of the anniversary gift guide but with my own personal touch!

1st Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Paper | Modern: Clocks

When we celebrated our first year of marriage, I purchased a New York Yankees Fossil watch for Allan. The New York Yankees is one of his favorite baseball teams. Six years later, Allan continues to sport his timepiece.

30th year anniversary gifts

Traditional: pearl | Modern: diamond

Recently, Allan and I were having dinner and met an older couple that met while waiting on the bus. The husband shared they were celebrating 33 years of marriage this year and a joke.

"Want to know the secret of marriage?" he asked.

"What is it?" Allan replied.

"Tell her you're not leaving and don't get left."

Want to learn more? Check out Hallmark's list of anniversary gifts by year.

Aleta Turner is Principal Consultant of Aleta & Allan. She can be reached at to learn more about your special event!